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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Boom Exclusive: Aris Ziagos Helps Us to Find Our Musical 'Pulse' on Upcoming Album

Discovering a new artist tends to be a little like falling in love for me. First I hear a track that grabs my attention, then I instinctively find a way to connect with the person handing me their precious jewel of a song. After that, I need to know more. It turns into that all-consuming need to hear everything else that they have ever performed to see if it's just as good or somehow, maybe even better. I also appreciate the way that I'll discover new music when I least expect it and that is precisely the way that I recently stumbled onto Aris Ziagos.

I always have music on while working and one evening I realized that I had put Paula Cole's "I Believe In Love" on loop as I was writing. I took a break and hit up YouTube to find a live performance of the song. I found a duet of it done with Aris that completely blew me away. Click the video and listen for the first minute and you'll get exactly what I mean.
His voice is magic and so naturally I needed to learn more. While flipping through Aris' other work I came to realize that behind the amazing voice was likely a pretty soulful man, one that seemed deeply connected to the life around him. I also kept an eye on his Kickstarter campaign and watched as it eventually resulted in the completion of Aris' forthcoming album, Pulse.
Aris released his first single, "Reborn" off the project a few weeks ago and it was time for me to request an interview with him. What I quickly learned was that, while my initial instincts and "read" were pretty spot on, Aris is even more incredible one-on-one. Women have played a major role in helping to shape not only his career, but also in Aris' life path. He was raised in NYC by his belly dancer mother, whose mantra was, "If you don't take chances in life you'll regret it. "
"My mother has passed, but I hear those words every time I have doubt. It helps to steady me and ultimately has helped me to be more fearless in my life." explained Aris during our recent chat. Another woman who has influenced him greatly has been Paula Cole. His appearance  with her nearly two years ago was hardly a fluke. As it turns out, Cole's groundbreaking 1996 release, This Fire was a favorite of his mother's and it was also that body of work that made Aris decide to pursue his own musical dreams.
A love of poetry as a teen eventually helped when it came time for Aris to really get in touch with who he wanted to be musically. While nearly every track that he has released up to this point has an underlying dance beat, Aris is quick to not only see the color and texture of different musical styles, but also integrate them into his own tracks. He doesn't see the boundaries between different musical genres. Everything in life alternates between light and dark and if you listen closely you'll also pick up on this in Aris' songs.

"Fallen Blind" is a personal favorite of mine and the video provides proof of just how fearless Aris is in his visual choices. The NSFW clip may make some squirm, as it also depicts a lack of boundaries separating men and women, or more importantly, love itself. At root, if we're being honest then when stripped down we're all very similar. The feelings, fears and fantasies are somewhat alike but not everyone is comfortable enough to admit it.
Pulse is actually Aris' third full length album and it is scheduled for a mid-November release. "Reborn", the aforementioned first single is now available on iTunes and will have a video to accompany it in early October. There will also be two new remixes released. Aris is really hoping that Pulse will take people on a 15-track musical journey that ultimately lifts them. He likens the beats of music to a pulse and for this project, that pulse will include everything from 90's house music, rock, soul and even authentic tribal beats.

Aris' collaborating with Paula Cole wasn't a time only thing either. He actually has a new song with her on Pulse called, "Love (Thank You)" that will ultimately be released as a single in the near future. Throughout our conversation, Aris expressed his gratitude towards those that have helped to support his dreams and inspired him to have the confidence to continue on his path. He hopes that his music will ultimately light a fire beneath others. "I really hope that the people that listen to my music are inspired to never stop fighting or reaching for their own dreams."

I'd strongly suggest that you all keep a really close eye on Aris Ziagos, because his star is clearly on the rise. Look for him out on the road later this winter as well. After releasing Pulse the buzz-worthy artist can't wait to start playing his new tracks live across the U.S.

Aris Ziagos has a strong presence on social media so check him out and make sure that you grab yourself a copy of "Reborn" now!

PURCHASE: http://smarturl.it/aris
STREAM: https://soundcloud.com/aris-ziagos/aris-reborn

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