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DailyBoom Your Old School Music Authority


Cate Meighan has been an entertainment writer for the last 25 years and cut her radio teeth in big markets such as NYC and Philadelphia. She grew up in her father's radio studio and her personal musical taste is, "anything but country". She knows hard rock and hair bands just as well as she knows 80's club hits or '90s R&B.  After spending decades working in print, digital media and radio she stopped building everyone else's' brand in favor of launching her own. DailyBOOM is an old school music site that encompasses nearly every genre from the 1960s through the 1990s. 

In late 2018, streaming BOOM radio was launched under the DailyBOOM umbrella and several live DJ's were added. 

In early 2019 the Currently Booming Podcast launched on 15 different platforms. It currently features 15 different music-based shows that are hosted by a team of ten talented podcasters. New content is delivered each day via the podcast, as well as the DailyBOOM website. The Boom crew reaches an average of 5 million people per week on Twitter alone, with other social media platforms rapidly catching up.