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I started writing the same way that everything good seems to happen in my life, it was a total accident.  I read a crap book review and thought even I could do a better job than what I had just read and then had the nerve to actually submit what I wrote. Two weeks later that review was in print and little did I know, a career was born.

I started off covering hockey and figure skating exclusively for several years before signing on to waste a year of my life writing an authorized bio on an Olympic champion.  That mess left me broke, knocked up and with a case of writer’s block so bad that even signing a personal check caused my fingers to cramp.  I took a breather, found out where my sanity was hiding (the Olympic champ, BTW, is still a head case- karma perhaps?) and eventually found myself once again in front of a keyboard determined to be able to write about absolutely anything at all.

I came back stronger and have spent the last 16 years knee deep in anything entertainment related. You have seen my work here, there and lots of other places in between. I spent a few years as a senior staff writer babbling about how Kanye West needs to drive a clown car filled with Kardashian’s off a cliff with him or how, whether you like her or not, Miley Cyrus is currently the hardest twerking chick in the business.  I don’t like rehashing what everyone else has already said and I’m not a straight-laced, just-the-facts reporter.  I’m that little voice in most everyone’s head that just so happens to speak up. I’m not afraid to say what everyone else is dancing around and I kind of think that many readers appreciate that.

I’m all about connecting with my readers. Whether you love me or think I’m a total trash bag is kind of secondary. If I can say something that makes you need to open up a little comment box and say anything at all, then my job has been done.


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