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Monday, October 16, 2017

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Rufus & Chaka Khan - 'Ain't Nobody'

Rufus was an American funk band from Chicago, Illinois best known for launching the career of lead singer Chaka Khan.  Do let your ego kill your talent, get around singer's and musician. Learn, don't lock yourself in your room and sing to your webcam. Get face to face advice, it's much more nicer. Trussst me !

"Captured effortlessly
That's the way it was
Happened so naturally
I did not know it was love
The next thing I felt was
You holding me close
What was I gonna do?
I let myself go
And now we're flyin' through the stars
I hope this night will last forever"

More than forty years ago funk band Rufus started performing with a soul singer by the name of Chaka Khan. They spent about 12 years cranking out hits before Khan decided to embark on a successful solo career. ("I Feel For You") One of their signature songs was "Ain't Nobody" which was featured in the movie Breakin' and on its' soundtrack as well. It's definitely my favorite Chaka song of all time and apparently, it's a lot of other peoples as well, as it has been used as an audition song for reality competitions repeatedly.

A few weeks ago it was announced that Rufus and Chaka Khan are among the list of nominees for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame for 2018. I'm kind of a stickler and think nominees should be rockers. But I'm thrilled to see that make any list that involves public acknowledgment because Rufus with Chaka was fantastic.

Aside from loving this song, it's Monday and I think this is a great way to get you all moving. So here it is:

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Ratt - 'Lay It Down'

Image result for Ratt 1985

"I know you don't really know me
I know you don't really care to see me
I'm into total affection
Not being scared if you never please me
You know you really want to lay it down
Right now
And how"

When I was 16 I started to work at a fast food restaurant and crushed hard on a coworker. He was hilarious, creative and REALLY into Ratt. I was already familiar with Stephen Pearcy and the rest of the group (hello, Round & Round?!) but didn't realize just how much I loved them until Invasion Of Your Privacy came out. It to this day remains a favorite album. Not only do I like every song, but I want to hear it all in order. How often do you actually get to say that about an album?

"Lay It Down" was the first single released and it kind of threw down the proverbial gauntlet for the rest of the album. It was the second-highest ranking top 40 hit for the band and one of their best videos. Check it out below!

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Channel your inner witch this Halloween and serve a delicious Poisoned Apple Cocktail to your guests | #halloween #cocktail #apple

  • 1 Apple, slices
  • 2 Twelve-ounce bottles Jones green apple soda
Beer, Wine & Liquor
  • 1 2 cup Pearl Apple pie vodka
  • 1 1/4 cup Stoli salted caramel vodka

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Daily Boom 90's Nostalgia: Janet Jackson - 'That's the Way Love Goes'

Image result for janet jackson that's the way loves goes

"Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire
My love is blind
Can't you see my desire
That's the way love goes"

Janet Jackson returned to the airwaves in 1993 with a totally different vibe and it was fantastic. "That's The Way Love Goes" was an introduction to a smoother, sexier Janet and we all loved it. Her self-titled album remains my favorite and the series of videos that were born from it are some of the best of that decades. "That's The Way Love Goes" just sets the tone for the rest of the album. Watching Janet with "the kids" (her dancers) always made me want to be one of them. It was a great girl squad before girl squads were officially a thing.

The song slayed commercially too. It sat at number one on Billboard's Hot 100 for a record eight weeks and won a string of awards including a Grammy. Check out the video below. Let Janet take you on a journey back in time. Ya know, 24 years ago when life seemed a whole lot simpler!

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Daily Boom Lost Hit: Shakespears Sister - 'Stay'

Thursday, October 12, 2017

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Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Foreigner - 'Waiting For A Girl Like You'

"When you love someone, when you love someone

It feels so right, so warm and true, I need to know if you feel it too
Maybe I'm wrong, won't you tell me if I'm coming on too strong?
This heart of mine has been hurt before, this time I want to be sure
I've been waiting for a girl like you to come into my life

I've been waiting for a girl like you, your loving will survive
I've been waiting for someone new to make me feel alive
Yeah, waiting for a girl like you to come into my life"

There were so many great power ballads to come out of the 80's. I love the term "power ballad" because it insinuates that the group can really rock out once this particular song ends. That idea certainly held true for Foreigner back in 1981 when they released "Waiting For A Girl Like You".  It was one of those mushy songs that got tons of airplay because of the sentimentality (wedding song material). I was really young so I didn't care about that but I did love the synth vibe to it that a then-unknown Thomas Dolby provided.

"Waiting For A Girl Like You" was the second single released off of Foreigner's 4 album and it went to number two on Billboard's Hot 100. "Urgent" was the first release and it grabbed lots of attention so fans were ready to see what was up next when Foreigner dropped their ballad. I can remember fighting to get a clear signal on my transistor radio whenever either song came on because I loved them equally.  Check out "Waiting For A Girl Like You" below. Is it one of your sentimental favorites too?

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Currently Booming: 80's Style Halloween Costume Ideas: Pac-Man

Items Needed
Black t-shirt and tights/pants, white paint, markers, rope, heavy paper, scissors

1. Paint white circles down your pant or tight legs.
2. Cut out your desired Pac-Man character and decorate if necessary.
3. Attach a rope.