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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Daily Boom 90's Nostalgia: SWV - 'I'm So Into You'

"Boy, there you go 
You're telling me that you love me 
But boy you know 
That you belong to another girl who loves you 
You are so fine, (so fine, so fine) 
You blow my mind 
(Things you do) with the things you do to me 
(She sees) She's not blind, she's not blind 
Things you do for me, but I know 

I'm so into you 
I don't know what I'm gonna do 
Boy, you got me so confused 
I don't know what I'm gonna do "

It has been awhile since I featured some classic 90's R&B so I figured maybe SWV would be a great group to feature. Sisters With Voices first got together as a gospel group in the late 80's but by 1992 they had shortened their name to SWV and since R&B and slow jams were hot, transitioning to that style was a natural progression for the ladies. Songs like "Weak" and "I'm So Into You" got tons of radio play and they were constantly popping up on MTV every few hours like clockwork.

I was definitely feeling the soul and slow jam vibe when it was hot but I'll admit that now, 2 decades later I think I appreciate it even more. Back then I'd flip on MTV and think, "Ugh, there's SWV again". Now I wish I was seeing them pop up constantly because that era of my life was a whole lot easier than being a busy adult is now!

I'm not sure what SWV song I like best but I'm going to leave you with "I'm So Into You". Check it out below! 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Al B. Sure!- 'Night and Day'

"I can tell you how I feel about you night and day

How I feel about you
I'll love you more in the rain or shine

And making love in the rain is fine

A love so good and I call it mine

Love is blind"

Al B. Sure! is one of the very first soul singers that I can remember actually being my own age when he first broke through. In the late 80's I thought of Motown when I thought of soul and just about every R&B artist out there in my age group was headed in a real New Jack Swing kind of direction. Al B. Sure! kind of made me stop dead and really listen. His song "Night and Day" hit Billboard's top ten and it was one of those end of the night request countdown favorites. Perfect song to dedicate to your boyfriend or girlfriend before going to sleep.

I know Al B. Sure! was popular but I hadn't realized just how many awards he was nominated for. We're talking Grammy's, Billboard Awards, Soul Train Awards... In other words, he had the music industries respect as well as the fans love. Al B. Sure! is still rooted firmly in the music biz and so are his three grown sons. 

Check out the video for "Night and Day" below. It's one of those songs that I always recognize 3 notes in!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Madonna - 'Papa Don't Preach'

Madonna Papa Don't Preach

"Papa I know you're going to be upset
'Cause I was always your little girl
But you should know by now
I'm not a baby

You always taught me right from wrong
I need your help, daddy please be strong
I may be young at heart
But I know what I'm saying"

Madonna dominated both the airwaves and the style of 1986. She had basically reinvented herself for the second time in just a few short years and came out with a super toned body and a cropped do'. The result was a strong and powerful looking woman and that served the message of "Papa Don't Preach" quite well. The whole concept of the video is that of a young woman telling her father that she's pregnant and it was super controversial thirty years ago.

Some groups feared that she was promoting pregnancy while others insisted that the message was that she was against abortion. In the end, Madonna's actual position was almost irrelevant because she opened up dialogue on a conversation that had been taboo. Oh and the song, well it shot to number one on Billboard's charts. Check out the video below!

Daily Boom Lost Hit: Jefferson Starship- 'Miracles'

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Pointer Sisters - 'I'm So Excited'

"We shouldn't even think about tomorrow
Sweet memories will last a long, long time
We'll have a good time baby don't you worry
And if we're still playin' around
Boy that's just fine
Let's get excited
We just can't hide it
No, no, no
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it"

I think that the 80's was truly a decade that celebrated girl groups. Think about it- The Bangles, The Go-Go's, Expose, Sweet Sensation, The Cover Girls... the list is endless. Perhaps one of the most popular came in the early part of the decade. I'm talking about The Pointer Sisters, of course. They got there start way back in 1969 and actually were successful COUNTRY artists before switching things up.

By the late 70's the ladies had jumped onto the disco bandwagon. Dance mixes seemed like a much better fit and throughout the mid-80's The Pointer Sisters enjoyed great success. "I'm So Excited" was really a breakout hit for them. It was first released in 1982 and did well, landing at number 30 on Billboard's Hot 100. It was rereleased in 1984 and became a top ten hit with loads of radio and video play. 

"I'm So Excited" seems like a great way to kick off the week so let's do it. Check out the  video below.

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Sunday Soundtrack: Poetic Justice

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: J.J. Fad- 'Supersonic'

Image result for JJ Fad

"We're J.J. Fad and we're here to rock
Rhymes like ours could never be stopped
See, there's three of us and I know we're fresh
Party rockers, non-stoppers, and our names are def"

 I love a one-hit-wonder that everyone knows and I'm pretty sure that "Supersonic" classifies as one of those, right? The song was first put out in 1985 by q quintet called  J.J. Fad (Just Jammin' Fresh and Def) and the song stalled out. Half of the group left over money issues but the other two ladies, Juana Burns (MC J.B. ) and Dania Birks (Baby-D) decided to hang in there. They were later joined by Michelle Franklin (Sassy C) and decided to rerecord and release "Supersonic" in 1988, this time as an A side.

This time around the song took off.  A little known fact- N.W.A. and Dr. Dre were given credit on J.J. Fad's first album for their involvement. It took three years for the ladies to release a sophomore effort because N.W.A. found their own success and were busy touring themselves. J.J. Fad eventually left the music business to raise families but returned a few years ago. You can currently catch them performing on a string of old school tours. I saw them live a year or so ago and their "Supersonic" is probably tighter now than ever!

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Daily Boom Lost Hit: Aerosmith - 'What It Takes'

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Van Stephenson- 'Modern Day Delilah'

She's a modern day Delilah
Keeps her scissors laser sharp
Once she finds your weakness
She'll cut you to the quick
Stab you in the heart
She'll love you like a lion
Leave you like a lamb
She's a modern day Delilah
She'll cut you if she can

Do you guys remember Van Stephenson?  I actually had forgotten about him completely, in spite of loving a few of his songs. It was actually a post by The 80's Man earlier today that reminded me just how much I like some of his stuff. Stephenson wrote several songs for country greats such as Crystal Gayle and Kenny Rogers before finding his own success on Billboard's charts. 

"Modern Day Delilah" was his biggest hit and the video was thought to be a bit risky way back in 1984. Check it out below!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Daily Boom 90's Nostalgia- Laissez Faire- 'In Paradise'

You are the sun, I am the sky
Together we'll live in paradise
Our hopes and dreams will come alive
In paradise

Do you remember Laissez Faire?  Gina, Marlo and Jennifer first got together in 1989 and eventually put out an album under Metropolitan Records. While Hands Off didn't do as well on the charts as they may have wanted, the ladies did develop a strong fan base within the freestyle community. "In Paradise" the groups' first single did do quite well on the dance charts and brought Laissez Faire enough clout to open for the then-huge Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

This song is Laissez Faire's signature jam and they are still performing it. The ladies recently reunited for the first time in 15 years and pop up occasionally to perform at live events.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Eddie Money- 'Endless Nights'

Eddie Money~:

"Here I am, just standing in circles
And the logic is turning me round
My mind keeps holding
Only one thought

When you gonna call
I think it's worth the time
How you gonna change
All these endless nights

If you could stop
Leading me around
You're never gonna change
All these endless nights"

My sophomore year of high school was loaded with Eddie Money tunes. His album 'Can't Hold Back' was heralded as a huge comeback for him and that meant a string of hits that flooded my radio. "Endless Nights" was not the biggest single, it cracked Billboard's top 40 but compared to tracks like, "Take Me Home Tonight" it was the hidden gem of the album. I had honestly forgotten about it until a few days ago when it came on my radio at work and rather than think about it, I kind of felt it.

Even though it's a bit of an angst-y tune it still for whatever reason reminded me of car rides through the country with the windows down, sun blaring and the radio cranked. It brings me back to stonewashed jeans, big sweaters and banana clips. Back to a moment in time when every little thing felt like the end of the world, even though those things would eventually amount to nothing compared to real adult life in the years to come. "Endless Nights" feels like four minutes of everything that felt good about 1987. Check it out below.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Daily Boom Lost Hit: Vicki Sue Robinson - 'Turn The Beat Around'

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Atlantic Starr - 'Always'

"Girl you are to me, all that a woman should be
And I dedicate my life to you always
The love like yours is grand
It must have been sent from up above
And I know you'll stay this way, for always
And we both know, that our love will grow
And forever it will be you and me
Ooh your life is the sun
Chasing all the rain away."
Atlantic Starr had a female singer before they hired Barbara Weathers and singers have followed her, but none enjoyed similar success. Hers is the voice most closely associated with the group and it's her voice that you hear on songs like "Secret Lovers" and "If Your Heart Isn't In It". By the time the group's 1987 release rolled around great things were a foregone conclusion and the ballad "Always" totally delivered.

I was in tenth grade and it was the song for every couple that I knew, especially the ones that only made it three months. Let's face it, in high school a few months seemed like proof that it would last forever, didn't it?  I suspect "Always" still finds its way onto plenty of wedding playlists to this day. 

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Monday, November 16, 2020

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Bad English- 'Forget Me Not'

I will be your keeper you possess the key
Forget me not forget me not
'Cause you belong to me, yeah
I will be your shadow when you walk away
Forget me not forget me not
I will follow you until your dying day.

Those lyrics are a little stalker-ish, aren't they? John Waite has always been a favorite of mine when I think back to 1980-something. I instantly connect him with his ballady "Missing You" and while I know that he was the lead vocalist for Bad English in 1989, I completely forgot about this song ."Forget Me Not" was a huge hit on the modern rock charts, in spite of not cracking the top 40 on Billboard's Hot 100.

I happened to catch this video this weekend and was sucked in by Neal Schon's guitar work. I remember when Bad English first arrived on the scene I had a hard time taking John Waite seriously with all of that hair but the songs, boy did they click. As of right now, they still do.

Daily Boom Lost Hit: Suzanne Vega - 'Solitude Standing'

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Regina- 'Baby Love'

"Boy, there's no one home tonight
The timing could be right
To forget the rules
We're out of school until tomorrow
Now, if only you would stay
There's so many games we'd play
Why should we pretend to be just friends
When we could be so much more"

I love when I'm reminded of a song that I've completely forgotten about. Regina's "Baby Love" was one of those. I was watching Totally 80's on Classic MTV the other day when this track came on and I instantly remembered it. "Baby Love" made me think of summer and when I looked it up my memory was right. It was a super popular track in the summer of 1986. One of those songs that were on the radio every couple of hours and you knew all of the lyrics to it even if you didn't like it.

This song peaked at number 10 on Billboard's Hot 100 and paved the way for Regina to have a string of hits on the dance charts in the mid-'80s.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Daily Boom Lost Hit: Basia - 'Cruising For Bruising'

Currently Booming: Judas Priest - Behind The Music Documentary (Watch)

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Chaka Khan - 'Through the fire'

"Through the fire, to the limit, to the wall For a chance to be with you I'd gladly risk it all Through the fire Through whatever, come what may For a chance at loving you I'd take it all the way Right down to the wire Even through the fire"

I remember the music of 1984 very well. I was in 7th grade and had the radio, really any radio either by my side or in my ear. Chaka Khan came out with "I Feel For You" and the song found some heavy duty radio play in between the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince and more. In gym class (which I hated) we got to listen to a few songs that were on one of the teacher's mixtapes. Chaka made the cut so gym class was just one more place where I heard her voice.

I Feel For You is her sixth solo album and as it turns out, one of the most popular ballads, "Through The Fire" was actually written for Chaka by David Foster. He was so positive that she would sing the song that he originally called it "Chaka". I think it took me a long time to really grow into the soul legend's music. As an adult, I now really get the appeal and talent of this woman.

Check out "Through The Fire" below!