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Cate Meighan has been an entertainment writer for the last 25 years and cut her radio teeth in big markets such as NYC and Philadelphia. She grew up in her father's radio studio and her personal musical taste is, "anything but country". She knows hard rock and hair bands just as well as she knows 80's club hits or '90s R&B. 
Email: cate@dailyboom.net


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Artists & Musicians Like Us! 
"Having a conversation with Cate took me back to MTV when it was Music Television -chatting it up with Martha Quinn and Downtown Julie Brown... fun, smart, witty and spontaneous!"  
- Grammy Winner Jody Watley   
"Working with Cate was more like having a conversation with a friend, than doing an interview. It was a most enjoyable discussion!"  
~Tom Gimbel- Foreigner   
 “Cate is an absolute professional and has a way of making you feel right at home. Her interviews are extremely thought-provoking without feeling contrived. It’s always a pleasure to talk to Cate.” 
~ Michael Sweet- Stryper 
"Cate's love for the genre informs a deep knowledge of her subject. It comes through in her writing. She's also one of the best interviewers we've ever met.” 
 ~Valerie Day and John Smith- NU SHOOZ    
"Cate is very conversational and insightful... nice take on the art of interviewing."   
~ Nina Blackwood- Original MTV VJ  
Cate's knowledge of pop culture is on point and she goes above and beyond to make sure that everything that she does promotes artists in a positive way. Plus, she is an absolute sweetheart and everyone working on this side of the business adores her!  
Gioia Bruno EXPOSE`   
 “Speaking with Cate was like catching up with a dear friend, I forgot I was being interviewed. She is extremely personable, likable and a very good listener. I look forward to reading Cate's new book and I feel honored to be included among the list of legendary artists.” 
~ Roxy Petrucci- Vixen 
"Cate has an uncanny way of making you instantly feel like you're a bestie chatting over a cup of coffee. It's never an interview with her. It's a catch-up session."   
~ Sabrina Nieves-Byrnes- The Cover Girls 
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