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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Boom Daily 80's Throwback- Jody Watley

When I first said that I had every intention of doing an 80's throwback post every single day I have to admit, I wasn't thinking about Jody Watley at all. I mean there are so many artists to choose from but as so often happens, I ended up going in a completely different direction then what I was first thinking (you know, first throwback post, first actual MTV video....kind of thing). I was actually half watching an episode of VH1's Totally 80's when Watley's video for "Looking For A New Love" came on and I stopped whatever I was doing to look. That was exactly the effect that the opening whistle at the beginning of this song always had way back in 1987 when it first blew up.

Back then Watley was fresh off of Soul Train where she had been a popular regular dancer. She also sang with Shalamar for awhile before pursuing a solo career. This video helped "Looking For A New Love" to land at number 2 on Billboard's Hot 100 and now, thirty years later, Watley is still on the road performing the songs that cemented her place in pop and R&B history.