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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Boom's Vinyl Heaven- Madonna's True Blue

Dear god, I'm getting really old. Every week I invest in new (old) vinyl to add to my throwback collection and this time around it was Madonna's True Blue.  Then I realized that this album is actually 29 years old! Holy crap. But man does it bring back a lot of great memories for anyone lucky enough to have been a teenager in the 80's. This spawned five amazing singles and much of the album was considered to be an extended love letter to Madonna's then-husband, Sean Penn.

Songs such as "Open Your Heart", "Live to Tell" and "True Blue" sky rocketed up the charts and "Papa Don't Preach" tackled the still somewhat taboo topic of teen pregnancy. True Blue had something for everyone it seemed with each track being radically different from the one before it and the videos were equally impeccable. Here's the full tracklist, does it bring back interesting memories for you guys as well?

1. Papa Don't Preach
2. Open Your Heart
3. White Hat
4. Live to Tell
5. Where's the Party
6. True Blue
7. La Isla Bonita
8. Jimmy Jimmy
9. Love Makes the World Go Round

Check out the official videos released from True Blue below, beginning with "Papa Don't Preach"

"La Isla Bonita"

"Open Your Heart"

"True Blue

"Live to Tell"