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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Currently Booming: Jessica Simpson's Family Wants Her in Rehab

(Photo: Twitter)
Did you see footage of Jessica Simpson's recent appearance on the Home Shopping Network? The 35-year-old star was so out of sorts that even some of her biggest fans took to social media to slam her for appearing intoxicated during her segment. While HSN and Simpson have both insisted that she was completely sober, it seems that her addiction issues have become so bad that it's impossible to keep them hidden.

According to a new report by In Touch sources close to Simpson say that those closest to the star know that she has addiction issues. "She has a substance-abuse problem. She’s taking Adderall and anti-anxiety pills. And on top of that, she drinks. They’ve known for a while that she has a problem, But after fans slammed Simpson for appearing “wasted” during an HSN appearance, it “was a huge wakeup call.”

Supposedly, Simpson's husband and parents are all in agreement that she needs professional help. Her two young children are Simpson's top priority so the chance of her checking in to a facility is pretty unlikely so they are looking at other options. Apparently, in-home rehab programs are a possibility and if Simpson decided to go that route she would still be hands-on with her kids. The problem is getting her to agree to get help. So far Simpson seems to be in denial of just how erratic her behavior has become.

Do you believe that Simpson is really clean and sober or do you think that her need for help is pretty hard to hide?