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Monday, September 14, 2015

Currently Booming: Will a 'New' Teresa Giudice be Returning to "RHONJ"?

(Photo: Twitter)

There has been months of speculation surrounding Teresa Giudice and what her life will look like once she is released from prison later this year. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star was convicted of fraud late last year and has been sitting in a Connecticut prison since early January. It is expected that Giudice will be returning to the Bravo reality show and that filming for the upcoming season was even delayed to accommodate her release. Giudice's attorney recently spoke about her resilience behind bars and how she's doing amazing, all things considered.

James Leonard Jr. told E! News, "She’s doing amazing. She’s an absolute tip-top shape. When I go visit her, she always tells me to poke her in the stomach, she’s rock hard, mentally, physically, emotionally, when she comes home people are going to be very surprised. It’s a whole new Teresa coming home.”

While Giudice likely had to pull herself together to survive behind bars, do you think that she will carry that same toughness with her once she is released? Bravo obviously believes that Housewives fans  will want to hear from the fallen star and that she will have a worthwhile story to tell once she is released. Do you think that Giudice really will be like a brand new person once she is back on the outside? Or will her diva tendencies creep back in?