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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Currently Booming: Lamar Odom Out of Coma, Showing Signs of Improvement

(Photo: Twitter)

Nearly four days after being discovered unconscious at Las Vegas' Love Ranch, a comatose Lamar Odom actually opened his eyes and was able to speak! In the last 24 hours the former NBA player has slowly been weaned off of life support and is now said to be breathing on his own. While at least four major organs were reportedly beginning to fail, Odom is now showing hopeful signs for a real recovery.

Khloe Kardashian rushed to her estranged husband's side, where she has stayed throughout this crisis, and sources close to the reality star say that she is prepared to stay for the long haul. Odom's family had been preparing for the worst, with his father, Joe Odom at one point being seen buying his son a suit. That led to rumors that the family was making funeral preparations and perhaps they were, but yesterday's turn of events now has everyone hoping for the best.

There were rumors that Odom was brain dead after his apparent overdose but several sources have confirmed that he has spoken a little bit and certainly does know who Kardashian and his two children are. That means that Odom's mental capacity is nowhere near as bad as people were fearing. Doctor's have warned that he is not out of the woods yet but simply waking up at all has been deemed a miracle of sorts.