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Monday, November 23, 2015

Currently Booming: 'L&HHATL' Stevie J is Headed Back to Rehab

(Photo: Instagram)

Now this is a shocker, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Stevie J is headed back to rehab. Okay, maybe it's not. Anyway, the reality star recently failed a drug test, which meant that jail time was a real possibility. Instead Stevie is going to be given another opportunity to not only clean up his act, but hopefully to get his life together once and for all.

According to a report by TMZ, "Stevie was in court last week for his child support case so the judge could decide whether to revoke his bail for failing a recent drug test. Luck was on Stevie's side -- instead of locking him up, the judge ordered him to enroll in an outpatient drug treatment program. 
Under the order, Stevie must report to a facility twice a week and comply with drug testing."

This round of legal trouble stems from the million dollars in back child support that Stevie owes to one of his baby mama's. This will be his second crack at a rehab program this year. Many in Stevie's inner circle seem to think that his marriage to Joseline Hernandez (and her many vices) isn't helping him to stay clean and sober. Do you think that he can remain with her if he wants to clean up his act for real?