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Friday, January 27, 2017

Daily Boom 90's Nostalgia: George LaMond- 'Bad Of The Heart'

I thought that when you gave me love
My life would start to change
Instead I saw that I was wrong
My life was re-arranged

"Bad of the Heart" by George LaMond might just be one of freestyle's very best break up songs of all time. I have to wonder who helped to motivate the stinging lyrics way back in 1990. Of course I think most of us can actually think of an ex or two of our own that they apply to and that, is precisely why this song has become a freestyle anthem. 

I remember seeing LaMond perform back in the early 90's and after catching his set again a few months back I have to say that he may actually sound better now! Check out the liver performance below and if you'd like to check LaMond out live then you're in luck because he still pops up in freestyle shows all over the country. Check out his tour dates here.