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Friday, September 29, 2017

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Stacey Q -'Two Of Hearts'

"People get jealous 'cause we always stay together, yeah, baby.
 I guess they really want a love like yours and mine.
 Together, forever. I never thought that I could ever be this happy, yeah, baby.
My prayers were answered or you came in the nick of time."

Stacey Q burned up radio request lines in the summer of 1986 with her one hit wonder "Two Of Hearts". I remember the catchy hook, "I need you" being stuck in not just my head, but also my father's! It landed in Billboard's top three and also ended up being one of the biggest songs of the year. It still is one of those tunes that makes it pretty impossible to stay still and I think just about everyone has heard it at least once.

Every now and then Stacey Q will pop up on a stop of the Freestyle Explosion tour and when she does, "Two Of Hearts" is one of the biggest sing-a-long songs of the night!