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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Jody Watley- 'Don't You Want Me'

"I'd like to know more than just your name
Did you come here alone or with someone
If only you would open up
And let me know just where you're comin' from
Are you lookin' for a new love
Or does commitment seem to bring you down
Is that a look of yes or is it no
Please don't tease me, ho...oh..."

Way back in the summer of 1987 Jody Watley's self-titled album was in heavy rotation thanks to a string of catchy singles. "Don't You Want Me" was the third one to be released and it achieved some pretty amazing crossover success. More importantly, it proved that "Looking For A New Love", which had been released several months earlier, was not a fluke. Ms. Watley had arrived, hoop earrings and all.
This song was totally my jam way back then and to a certain degree, it still is thirty years later. "Don't You Want Me" makes you move, which is one of the reasons why Watley lands in the 21st spot on Billboard's Top Dance Artists of All Time list.