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Monday, July 10, 2017

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Eurythmics - 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)'

"Sweet dreams are made of this
who am I to disagree?"

What's it like to have your very first song released in the U.S. shoot to number one? Just ask Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, otherwise known as Eurythmics. In 1983 a little ditty named "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" launched like a new wave rocket to the top of Billboard's Hot 100, making the duo a household name. They were wise enough to already understand the power of good visuals and dropped a great video with an androgynous looking Lennox sporting an orange crew cut and suit. It leaves a lasting imprint and so does the song, right? The second it starts you know exactly what you're listening to. Even if "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" isn't a favorite song I'm going to bet that find yourself singing along to it because you kind of know the words,  don't you?