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Friday, July 14, 2017

Daily Boom: Shalamar - 'Make That Move'

"So many times
By holding back I let the good things pass me by
And then one day I asked myself the reason why
And like an answer from above you came into my life

And showed me one thing for sure
With love nothing is certain
You got to go for it when you feel it
Everybody, everybody needs somebody to love
And I choose you, baby, so let's

Make that move right now, baby
You only go out once in a lifetime
Make that move right now, baby"

There are a handful of dance songs that instantly put me in a good mood and Shalamar's "Make That Move" is one of them. I used to go to my grandmother's ever Saturday morning and while there I'd end up watching Soul Train. I'm not sure if I actually remember Jody Watley as a Soul Train dancer but even as a kid I knew that's where she cut her teeth on a national level, so I've always affiliated Shalamar with the classic dance show.

"Make That Move" has every element of disco in it that made me obsessed with the music in the first place and this performance is as fantastic now as it first was way back in 1981. Enjoy!