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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Duran Duran - 'Wild Boys'

Duran Duran

"The wild boys are calling
On their way back from the fire
In august moon's surrender to
A dust cloud on the rise
Wild boys fallen far from glory
Reckless and so hungered
On the razors edge you trail
Because there's murder by the roadside
In a sore afraid new world

They tried to break us,
Looks like they'll try again

Wild boys never lose it
Wild boys never chose this way
Wild boys never close your eyes
Wild boys always shine."

Duran Duran's Arena wasn't just one of the most popular albums from 1984, but it became an event of epic proportions in my teenage life. I can still remember Q102, my very favorite radio station back in the day, deciding to play the entire album as a "live concert event" at 9pm on a Wednesday night. My dad was not necessarily a fan of the band but he and I spent the hour in his music room. I'm not sure exactly what he was working on but he gave me his big comfy chair and his DJ headphones so that I could have my own private listening party.

It was during this hour that Q102 premiered Duran Duran's newest single, "Wild Boys". It quickly became not just my favorite, but everyone else's because it spent a month on Billboard's Hot 100 sitting at number two. The video was intended to be something that felt other worldly and each of the band members found themselves in some sort of peril. Check out the full length version below.