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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Currently Booming: NYFW 2017 Art Hearts Fashion Show Review (9-10-17)

While the past two nights were amazing, I was especially excited for this show because it showcased some of the best designers from Serbia Fashion Week. I was intrigued to see if their collections would coincide with the collections from the previous nights. And let me just say that these designers definitely did not disappoint anyone.

The first designer of the night prefaced her show with a video of models picking apples, drinking wine, and horseback riding through whimsical fields similar to Martha's Vineyard. Enchanted music played in the back, and the models wore highlighted designs from the collection. It felt like I was being showed an exclusive upscale Victoria's Secret commercial. Then, the video abruptly ended, and the first model walked onto the stage with the same enchanted music carrying on in the background. Between the red dress that had a small loose hood, and the whimsical vibe of the fashion show, this outfit induced a strong sense of little red riding hood. Trends in this collection include; A-line dresses that are slightly more snug on the top than your typical A-line dress, a combination of fringe and mesh accents, and rhinestone infused embroidery. All of the popular elements within this collection happen to be trends this season.

The next show eased away from evening wear, and focused on more casual pieces that are versatile for a night out, or even a professional event. There was elements of grunge throughout the entire collection, such as; studs, dark fur, fringe, and dark metallic. 

(Photos & Review: Zoe Sinkaus)

Each silhouette had a simple outline, which put emphasis on the true quality and essence of the clothing. While the collection as a whole was edgier than any of the other collections so far, bits and pieces of each outfit seemed to correlate with previous collections I've seen, and this season's trends.

This was one of my favorite collections of the night. The designer brought a sultrier aspect to an otherwise classic romantic evening wear collection. Each piece of clothing was made to compliment another, and the designer's precision was shown throughout every inch of every outfit. 

While black was the focus color, deep red and muave hues intertwined with metallic variations to bring this collection to life. The dresses in this collection happened to either be the perfect skintight cocktail dress, or a floor-length flowly dress with a thigh bearing slit. One thing that really made this designer stand out among the rest of designers with similar collections to this is the noticeability of fabric variations. It's evident the designer played with different textures and materials, which many up and coming designers are often afraid to do. While silk happened to be a focal point in this collection, there were a few elements of suede, mesh, and leather throughout the collection.

Danny Nguyen's collection reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer in the best way possible. Variations of intricate floral patterns were plastered onto pieces of clothing in an elegant and effortless way. 

So much so, that even his vibrant yellow-based floral suit would look effortlessly chic and elegant during a basic day doing errands. Cocktail dresses, suits, and casual maxi dresses aren't the only things Nguyen's collection focuses on. Upscale evening attire seamlessly integrates into the show, demonstrating Nguyen's true ability to create versatile floral patterns and elegant body-hugging silhouettes that would make anyone feel like a powerful boss woman.

The second this collection premiered, I immediately thought of the Great Gatsby, and everything else prevalent to the roaring 20s. Layers of fringe blended with silver and white combinations of rhinestones, and even a mix of lace and mesh accents, to create an essence of classic flapper outfits with a modern twist. 

In so, this designer created a collection of stunning clothing that could be worn for a typical night on the town, or a more luxurious event. The last outfit, or I should say outfits, were those suitable for a bride and groom. A man in a doting blue suit with rhinestone encrusted sides complimented a woman in an extravagant ball gown, complete with a classically long rhinestone accented train, dropped waist overlay, and mesh long sleeves.

The last collection of the night was a display of modern resort wear. Groovy vibrant patterns that showcased coat of arms and flags were displaced on floor-length coats, one pieces, dresses, and shirts.

But these lively pattern variations weren't the only thing to soak in from this collection. Each outfit was paired with over-the-knee leather, denim, or gladiator boots. And as for accessories, many models carried flashy purses or wore a classic resort visor. 

This designer proved resort wear doesn't have to be mature and modest, instead it can be edgy, playful, and boundary pushing. Crop tops, tunics, and blouses correlated with daisy dukes and maxi skirts to create statement outfits that are also practical and seemingly comfortable. For more formal options, the designer offered modified A-line, maxi, and shift dresses in the same 60s inspired color palette, with hints of denim and mesh, that the rest of the collection has.