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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: America- 'The Border'

"A burning bridge, a lonely highway

Another dark night thinking alone
What could've happened, am I just dreaming
It doesn't matter but there's one thing that I know
If I could make it to the border

If I could make it to the coast
If I could make it to the border
I'd be in the arms of the girl I love the most."

Back in 1983 my record collection primarily consisted of whatever my dad bought, then taped onto one of his very early mix tapes. He made that a thing before anyone else that I've ever met. Dad would create a tape of random songs the card catalog and cross reference the whole thing so that you could find songs by title, artist or tape number. After he was done, the vinyl was mine. America's "The Border" was one of those singles that I inherited and I loved it.  I remember playing it into the ground on my little record player and I have to admit that even now, it pops up pretty often in my playlists.

America is one of my bucket list bands that I've yet to see. They still are out there performing 60-ish shows a year and I'm pretty sure there will be one near me this fall!