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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Pretty Poison- 'Catch Me I'm Falling'

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"You came into my life

The look in your eyes 

Took me by surprise
It's you
And nobody else
Your love hase made me
So blind I can't see
From heaven above
So catch me I'm fallin baby
Hold onto my love
Catch me now I'm falling
Catch me I'm falling
Catch me now I'm falling
Falling in love

I am descending
Catch me I'm falling"

When I think back, 1987 was really as big a year for dance music as it was for hair bands. I mean, for every Def Leppard or GNR there was a Lisa Lisa or an Expose`. Pretty Poison was part of that syth-driven vibe that permeated top 40 radio at the time. "Catch Me I'm Falling" quickly became a favorite song during the summer of 1987 and I can remember the group popping up everywhere from American Bandstand to Soul Train. I also feel like they may have been a part of the final season of Dance Fever. 

Everywhere I looked I saw Jade Starling and the rest of the group and I loved them. What was there not to like? The song was great and I was kind of obsessed with the whole bustier-tutu look (that was first made popular by Jody Watley). Truth be told, even thirty years later, "Catch Me I'm Falling" still has the kind of energy that gets me moving in the morning. Hopefully it'll have the same effect on you. Check out the video below!