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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Daily Boom 90's Nostalgia: Pearl Jam - 'Jeremy'

"At home
Drawing pictures
Of mountain tops
With him on top
Lemon yellow sun
Arms raised in a V
And the dead lay in pools of maroon below"

I don't think that anyone really expected Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" to break through quite the way that it did. It was the third single off of their 1992 album Ten, but it was never given a widespread release. In fact when MTV first began airing the video it wasn't even charting on Billboard's Hot 100. That video helped to turn this into one of the most memorable songs of the decade. Lead singer Eddie Vedder penned the lyrics after reading an article about a high school kid that killed himself in front of his classmates and the visuals, well, they leave a lasting imprint. The kind that was strong enough to earn Pearl Jam four VMA's in 1993.