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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Sade - 'Is It A Crime'

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"This may come, this may come as some surprise
But I miss you
I could see through all of your lies
And still, I miss you"

I think I've always loved Sade from the first moment that I saw her "Smooth Operator" video. I was at my grandmother's house and on Saturday afternoons one of the "cable" NYC channels would play an hour of videos. It was before our cable company carried MTV so I had to get my music video fix elsewhere. Sade was totally unique. Classic with a sleek ponytail, normal clothes and that red lipstick. At a time when neon gaudiness was trending she certainly stood out as a class act.

I didn't actually discover "Is It A Crime" until it had been around for a decade and was on Sade's greatest hits compilation. That entire album as a whole made me really understand just how stunningly talented the songstress really is. "Is It A Crime" has always stood out for me because it tells the story of wanting someone that just doesn't want you back. I mean, we've all been there and it stings. Layer Sade's voice over the already raw emotion and you've got a song the lingers with you long after the music ends. Check out the video below.