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Monday, April 22, 2019

Meet The Boom Radio Staff: Cate- Host of Cate's Musical Diary & Sunday Night All Request Show

Cate & Exposé

Where do you live- 
Ocean City, MD

Earliest musical memory-
Being in the studio with my dad at night during his live radio. Also, my dad spinning the 12" version of Blondie's "Heart of Glass" nonstop at a Halloween party. I was maybe 7 & it was an adult party but they humored me with Cleopatra eyeliner and big hair while insisting I avoid the punch bowl and brownies. Not sure which one came first.

The first album you bought- 
Pat Benatar's Crimes of Passion. Technically my dad bought it for me because he was trying to break me away from disco. The first album that I remember buying with my money was actually a compilation that had Flock of Seagulls, Kim Wilde, Foreigner & Bow Wow Wow on it.

First concert- 
I think it was 1988, it was Guns N' Roses and Aerosmith at a racetrack in PA. GNR was new and we couldn't wait to see them, even more than Aerosmith. The concert was fantastic and the night was really memorable because it had been pouring for days and everything was mud. We all lost our shoes & I remember there being a photo in the local paper a few days later of all the shoes left behind once the ground started to dry! 

Last concert attended-
Foreigner in a little room in a big casino outside of DC a few weeks ago. Sold out show and as always, they blew the roof off. Totally reminded me why I love them most of all.

You just got off of a plane & are standing in your dream location, where are you? 
France. Or a castle in Banff.

Favorite memory- 
So many & they usually include a really connected conversation with someone. Also, walking in NYC alone at night. That sounds strange but it is one of my favorite things on earth, just soaking up everything (especially the creativity) around me but not having to be "on".

Bucket list goal- 
I really want my pilot's license. Seriously.

Finish this sentence-
"This time next year Boom Radio will be on multiple platforms & serve as a template for how to merge terrestrial radio with the digital age. Oh and my first book (now under contract) will be released!"

You're hosting a dinner with 3 living artists & 3 that have died. Who will be there?

David Coverdale (for the stories)
Tom Gimbel (for the guaranteed humor)
Tori Amos (I've interviewed her & um, she is interesting & a wildcard)

Dead: Prince
 Freddie Mercury
Amy Winehouse 

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Here's a mix of some of what Cate listens to when she's not on the air or picking the music for Boom Radio!