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Monday, July 1, 2019

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Patrice Rushen - 'Forget Me Nots'

Patrice Rushen:

"Those were the times we had
Sharing a joy that we thought would last
Memories of love and affection
Never really was just like a dream
Was it the simple things
That made me so crazy about you
Was it your charm or your passion
It's not hard to believe
I love you and I need you so I...
Sending you forget me nots"

While "Forget Me Nots" was released in 1982, making it a post-disco song, it is often still lumped in with that era of music. It was on Patrice Rushen's seventh studio album and while she had enjoyed a long career before it and has continued to write, sing and work to this day, "Forget Me Nots" is kind of her calling card. It has been one of the most sampled songs over the last few decades and well, why not? The baseline is unmistakable and the rhythm demands movement.

It might be 35 years old but just about every party or night at the club still includes at least one spin of "Forget Me Nots"!