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Monday, November 29, 2021

Daily Boom 70's Throwback: Evelyn Champagne King- 'Shame'

"Shame, ooh
My mother says you're playing a game
And what you do to me is a
Ooh, gonna love you just the same
Mama just don't understand
Wrapped in your arms
Is where I want to be
I want to be, want to be
Wrapped in your arms
That's my high, my high
I can't get enough, ooh baby
Enough of that magic touch
Love is in my heart
Tearing the rules apart
So, why should I be ashamed"

I make absolutely no apologies for my to-this-day love of disco. The very first 45's that I bought with my own money were Chic's "Le Freak" and Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell"- and I still love them both. I also love how when a classic disco song comes on now and everyone floods the dance floor. The appeal is still there. Evelyn Champagne King's "Shame" is a perfect example of this phenomenon. It's just a great song with a great beat and when you throw in a bit of a cautionary lyrical tale, well you've struck 40 years worth of musical gold. 

Click play below and I dare you to try and stay still. You can't do it either, can you?