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Friday, August 7, 2020

Daily Boom 70's Throwback: Chic- ' I Want Your Love'

"Sometime, don't you feel like you
Never really had a love that's real?
Well, here I am, and who's to say
A better love you won't find today?
Just one chance and I will show you love
Like no other, two steps above.
On your ladder I'll be a peg.
I want your lovin', please don't make me beg."

When I was seven years old I discovered disco. Just when I thought that "Disco Duck" was everything my dad introduced me to Chic and the absolute magic of Nile Rodgers.  "Le Freak" became the first single that I walked into a record store and picked out on my own. The beat and riff is infectious to this day.  How do you stay still? I think it's impossible.

While my love for "Le Freak" is unmatched "I Want Your Love" might actually be my very favorite Chic song. It just seems to be a perfect blend of everything that the group had to offer and Rodgers was perhaps at his very best. "I Want Your Love" is one of those songs with a special kind of longevity. It has been covered by a bunch of other mainstream artists and even if they only throw one line of the classic song into the chorus of their own work, it clicks and gets a reaction because we all know "I Want Your Love". Even if you are too young to remember Chic in their heyday, you'll likely know this song. Check out the video below. It's a great way to start your Friday!