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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: The Breakfast Club - 'Right On Track'

Image result for The Breakfast Club Right On Track

"Gonna make a move that knocks you over
Watch this turn one's gonna put you away
But I'm doing my very best dancing
Every time you're looking the other way
I could move out to the left for a while
I could slide to the right for a while
I could get up and back
Right on track
But is right on track
Is that gonna get you back"

I'm kind of surprised how much airplay that The Breakfast Club's "Right On Track" still gets. Or I was until I did a little bit of reading. I remember the song well because it got constant radio playback in 1987. It was that perfect dancey synth that was everywhere at the time. While it seems like this song was just another one-hit-wonder, it was created by a group that was together for 11 years. The Breakfast Club first formed back in 1979 and in its' earliest years it included Madonna in the lineup. She was dating Dan Gilroy, the lead singer at the time. His brother Ed Gilroy and Angie Smit rounded out the first lineup. Madonna eventually left and I love the fact that the group found success a few years later, without her. They were even nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy in 1988 which speaks to their success.

The Breakfast Club did put out several songs and had a second album that was shelved for nearly 30 years. Percolate was eventually independently released in 2016 with minimal fanfare. That may have been a bit of a disappointment for them, but they'll always have this great song that many people still seen to love. Check out the video for "Right On Track" below!