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Friday, April 10, 2020

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Eddie Murphy 'Party All the Time'

(Photo: Twitter)

December of 1985 was a pretty cheesy month for music. Lots of sappy songs hit Billboard's Hot 100 and then there were some tracks that were a bit weird. Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" was one of those strange ones. It hit number 2 on the charts and was pretty darn catchy. While Murphy wasn't exactly known for his singing ability this song came at a point in time when he could really do no wrong.

Murphy was coming off of four successful years on Saturday Night Live and he had just struck box office gold with Beverly Hills Cop so if he wanted to make a song then no one was going to say no. Murphy teamed up with the legendary Rick James and the rest was easy. At the time James was also riding a nice wave of success, both with his own album and with his girl group, The Mary Jane Girls.

Murphy's name was going to sell records and putting James in the mix ensured that "Party All the Time" would be worth the airplay that it eventually received.