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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Adam Levine Rumored to Be Headed for a Split from Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine just celebrated his first anniversary with Behati Prinsloo and already I'm hearing that things are shaky between them.  Apparently those old habits really do die hard for Levine and his wife is having a real problem with his flirting with other women. Levine was always a player before getting together with Prinsloo and it's starting to sound like his being a reformed bad boy was a short-lived thing.

Not that any of this should really come as much of a surprise. For nearly a decade Levine insisted that he would never get married because fidelity wasn't something that he was interested in. For awhile it did look like Prinsloo might have tamed him but sources say not long after they swapped vows Levine began acting like a total player again.

Prinsloo is reportedly having none of his shady behavior and has been keeping a good eye on Levine. Unfortunately she has also transformed into the nagging wife as a way to try and keep her man in check. Do you think that this is simply a rough patch that will pass fairly quickly? Or will Levine's behavior continue until Prinsloo walks away for good?