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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Brian Williams Off Suspension, Heading to MSNBC in September

Brian Williams six month suspension without pay from NBC quietly ended last week. Back in February the popular news man was removed from the NBC Nightly News anchor spot because he was caught and later admitted to embellishing a story about being shot down in a plane in Iraq.  The network imposed a six month suspension and when they did some digging NBC turned up several other instances where Williams was caught being dishonest. His lies eventually cost him the coveted top seat at the network but Williams somehow still does have a job waiting for him over at the always-struggling MSNBC.

Rather than firing him outright, NBC news honcho Andy Lack instead decided to create a position for Williams at the sister-network. Beginning in September he will be in charge of breaking news segments for MSNBC. While Williams should be thanking his lucky stars that he has a job, rumor has it that MSNBC is none to happy to be stuck with him. The network's ratings are dismal and they are struggling with credibility issues as a whole so bringing in Williams, with his reputation in shambles hardly seems the best move.

Still, Lack is hoping that Williams presence will somehow not only steady the ratings, but also prompt people to tune in to watch his exclusive coverage of important breaking events. Do you think that Williams still has that kind of power? Or will his credibility always be called into question after his past chronic lying on camera?