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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Daily Boom Interviewed by Fox News Regarding Josh Duggar Scandal and TLC's Damage Control

(Photo: TLC Promo Shot)

While TLC may have canceled 19 Kids & Counting due to family secrets coming to light, the network has been doing damage control for months with no real end in sight. Last fall we learned that Honey Boo Boo's mother had rekindled a romance with a child molester and mere months after that rocked TLC executives were left to navigate through the rough waters of Josh Duggar confessing to have molested his sisters. The devastation didn't end with that either because in the last week or so Duggar admitted to having an active Ashley Madison account. The bottom line is that the Duggar's are not the squeaky clean Christians that their image insinuated and TLC looks pretty bad for not researching its "stars".

Tonight a documentary on sexual abuse is scheduled to air opposite MTV's VMA's and the network is hoping that it will help to balance out some of their damaging programming that has aired. Fox News contacted me this past week to weigh in on the topic and you can read the full article here. Do you think that this admittedly important documentary will bring the network some good press and serve as a stepping stone towards returning to educational programming?

 Ironically, TLC- originally called The Learning Channel, began as exactly that, a stop on the dial where you were sure to learn something. Unfortunately in recent years  they jumped onto the reality television bandwagon and it has really cost them in the long run.