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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hospice Photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown Hits the Internet

Several weeks ago there was a rumor circulating that a family member had snapped a photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown as she lay dying in her hospice bed and that the photo was in fact being shopped to the media. The family was knee-deep in grief at the thought of losing Whitney Houston's only child and likely wasn't watching out for others with a money-making agenda. Unfortunately just a few days after Brown has been laid to rest that photo has surfaced.

Apparently the National Enquirer was the highest bidder because the last living photo of Brown is featured on the cover of their new issue that hits grocery store racks today.  The fact that Brown is pictured looking peaceful, surrounded by flowers and photos of her mother doesn't seem to lessen the feeling that this is an invasive photo that the general public likely didn't need to see.

Supposedly another photo of Brown was snapped last weekend during her viewing. Chances are that if that rumor is true then it will be on next week's cover of the same tabloid because both photos were very likely to have been taken by the same person.  Do you think that last photos like the one of Brown in her hospice bed should be fair game for the press?