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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Is Miranda Lambert Okay After Split from Blake Shelton?

I don't think that too many people were surprised to learn that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert had decided to part ways but the fact that they were officially divorced the same day that the split was made public was a bit of a jolt. While Shelton has called this one of the most difficult events in his life, he seems to be acting like all is well. Lambert on the other hand, isn't even trying to hide her struggle.

Instead of pulling herself together and trying to create even an illusion that she's holding up okay, Lambert has been breaking down onstage during her live shows. Last Friday she performed in Minnesota and told the audience that she wished that she had been drinking all day and then said that she "deserved" to because she is newly divorced.

Ironically enough, it is Shelton's love of anything in a bottle that reportedly drove a wedge between the couple. Shelton has never really tried to hide the fact that he enjoys drinking and partying to excess and we're now hearing that he's not exactly the nicest guy when drunk. Lambert spent years partying hard with Shelton until deciding to get healthy about 18 months ago. Do you think that this split will send her spiraling out of control again too?