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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

'RHOC' Kim Richards Living in Car Before Shoplifting at 'Target' Arrest

It seems like 2015 is most certainly the year of many new "lows" for reality star, Kim Richards. First her addiction issues were front and center on the most recent season of The Real Housewives of Orange County and then came that DUI and disorderly conduct arrest just hours after the reunion show aired on Bravo. Richards checked into rehab only to leave and tumble from the wagon again. She returned for more help but by that time Bravo decided that she had too much drama for them to handle and fired her. Richards was arrested yet again this week, this time for shoplifting at a Target store and now we're learning just how desperate she really is.

Since leaving rehab, Richards was reportedly crashing with friends and family until she wore out her welcome. While supposedly house hunting, the reality star was living out of her car and self medicating at the time of her arrest. Apparently she rolled $1000 worth of merchandise out the front door and was stopped by Target's security. While Richards actually had three carts filled with stolen goods she was only charged for the one cart that she had managed to load into the trunk of her car.

We know that several family members have backed away from Richards during her downward spiral because she refuses to make any of the necessary changes to save her life. Do you think that the embarrassment of being busted at Target will equal her personal version of hitting bottom? Or do you think that the fallen reality star still has a ways to go before she finally wants to get healthy?