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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tom Cruise Hasn't Seen Daughter Suri in Nearly Two Years

It has been four years since Katie Holmes swiftly pulled the plug on her marriage to Tom Cruise and while the anticipated custody battle between the two never actually played out that doesn't mean that all is well. In fact, rather than trying to control Suri Cruise, the daughter that he shares with Holmes, it seems that the actor has taken a completely different approach. Sources close to Holmes say that her ex hasn't spent time with their daughter in nearly 600 days!

While Cruise's excuse for not seeing his daughter for months on end was his heavy filming schedule in London, once he returned to the states there was absolutely no reunion. Even while promoting his new Mission Impossible flick in NYC where his daughter lives, Cruise has reportedly made absolutely no attempt to see her.

So what is keeping Cruise from bonding with his daughter? It's likely the fact that Holmes refuses to raise her under the rules and guidelines of Scientology. Since she is likely considered to be an "oppressive" person simply for turning her back on the teachings that would make her someone that Cruise would likely be discouraged from associating with. Unfortunately, Suri seems to be caught in the middle of that. Do you think that she's better off without Cruise controlling every aspect of her life, even now?