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Friday, August 28, 2015

Will TLC's Sex Abuse Documentary Change Their Scandalous Image?

This Sunday night TLC is hoping that by airing a documentary on sexual abuse they'll be able to counteract all of the recent negative press. The network freely admits that this documentary is a direct reaction to Josh Duggar's admission last May that he molested four of his younger sisters over a decade ago. As horrific as that admission was, the hits have just kept coming for this family that was once placed on a pedestal for their supposedly wholesome lifestyle.

In the last few weeks we have learned that Duggar also had an Ashley Madison account and had paid porn stars for sex. He is currently in a religious rehab while his wife is left to wrangle their 4 small kids while dealing with the shame that her husband has brought to the family.

While TLC's documentary is likely to benefit someone, somewhere it doesn't change the fact that the people in their casting department have failed to do their job in digging into the background of the people that they choose to feature, right?