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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Currently Booming: Brian Williams Debuts on MSNBC

(Photo: Twitter)

Brian Williams made a somewhat triumphant return to the anchor desk yesterday when he took over the afternoon coverage on MSNBC. Williams first task is to report on Pope Francis' visit to the United States which means that he was brought in the door with a decent breaking story to kick off this phase of his career.

By now everyone knows that the former NBC Nightly News anchor sat out a six-month suspension for lying on air about his active involvement in several of the stories that he was hired to report on. While Williams never fully admitted to lying it is obvious that he had developed quite a pattern of "misremembering". While many insiders believed that he would and should ultimately be fired from NBC, the powers-that-be opted to reassign him to the ratings-challenged MSNBC instead.

In other words, this guy with serious credibility issues has been brought in to help save a network that also has credibility issues. That seems like a pretty tough task to master, doesn't it? We know that Williams is scheduled to handle any breaking news between the hours of 3-5 p.m. weekdays on MSNBC. Do you support NBC giving him an opportunity to redeem himself and if so, do you think that it's a realistic possibility that he can do so and give MSNBC a boost as well? Or is his coming back just a pipe dream?

You can check out Williams first broadcast on MSNBC right here.