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Monday, September 21, 2015

Currently Booming: DA Reportedly Preparing to File Criminal Rape Charge Against Bill Cosby

In less than a year about fifty different women have come forward with claims that Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them on various occasions. What's interesting is that these women had never met before coming forward yet they all have had a similar story to tell. Cosby's team of lawyers has emphatically denied any wrongdoing and has basically written off everything as an attempt to ruin the legendary comics career. Many of the allegations of inappropriate behavior were from incidents that reportedly occurred decades ago, but one case in Philadelphia is getting a second look, with charges looking like a real possibility.

More than ten years ago former Temple University athlete Andrea Constand alleged that Cosby drugged and raped her at his mansion. Constand eventually reached a monetary settlement with Cosby and then-District Attorney Bruce Castor declined to pursue criminal charges. That case is now getting a second look thanks to a recent deposition of Cosby's that leaked. In it he admitted to much of the behavior that his legal team has publicly denied and that has prompted a Philadelphia DA to take a second look.

According to a report by Radar Online, "He’s been told to expect charges. Because of everything that has come out, law enforcement from Philadelphia to L.A. are looking for any loophole that could send him to jail. They think they’ve found one." explains an insider.

While there is little doubt that this scandal has cost Cosby his career- he doesn't even have a manager attempting to get him work- many have wondered if it would ever lead to real charges and potential jail time. Do you think that the Philly case will actually stick to the fallen star?