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Monday, September 14, 2015

Currently Booming: Former 'RHOBH' Star Kim Richards Has Resurfaced Looking for Drugs

(Photo: Instagram)
She's back! I'm talking about chronically troubled Kim Richards, formerly of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 2015 has been a really sad year for the reality star and just when you think that she may have hit her version of "the bottom", it gets worse. Apparently some of Richards usual drug contacts aren't being of much use so she took her drug seeking a little more mainstream.

According to a new report by TMZ, Richards strolled into a few smoke shops in Sherman Oaks last week looking for Xanax. When staffers informed her that Rx drugs were not available on site she insisted that someone had told her that it was entirely possible to buy Xanax there. She went to one shop in particular three separate times in search of the drugs just last week alone. 

Sadly this is just another instance where Richards behavior is showing us just how bad her life has become. Her obvious downward spiral began last April when she was popped for a DUI in Beverly Hills. The reality star has made several brief trips to rehab in the months that have followed and was also arrested for stealing a shopping cart full of merch from a Target store in California. 

Publicly seeking drugs would only seem to indicate that Richards is still completely off the rails, don't you think?