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Monday, September 28, 2015

Currently Booming: 'RHOC' Brooks Ayers Refuses to Take Lie Detector Test to Prove Cancer Claims

(Photo: Twitter)

Uh-oh! Apparently it wasn't just Vicki Gunvalson's fellow cast mates that have questioned whether or not her on/off boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, has a big problem with lying. Fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County are well-aware of the fact that Ayers' cancer diagnosis has been questioned for months now. While he claims to be fighting Stage 3 cancer he has never looked better and doesn't see a need to seek standard treatment for his alleged illness. He also has refused to offer up any tangible proof of being sick and that now includes refusal to take a lie detector test.

Various media outlets are reporting that Gunvalson's family recently suggested that Ayers take a test and he flat out refused, likely was insulted by the idea. The thing is, Ayers track record for honesty hasn't exactly been stellar and Gunvalson's family and friends have all rallied for her to make the best choices possible.

Recently the reality star confirmed that she split from Ayers but she has always backed up his cancer diagnosis in spite of never going to chemo with him. Sources close to Gunvalson fear that once this seasons backlash dies down she will indeed reconcile with Ayers. Do you think that'll happen yet again? What are your thoughts on his supposed illness? Is Ayers lying about it or has he just lied so many other times that it makes it impossible to trust him now?