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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

'RHOBH' Kim Richards Skips Court, Rejects Plea Deal

(Photo: Twitter)
It was recently reported that former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kim Richards had accepted a plea deal that would allow her to avoid jail time for her DUI arrest back in April. It seems that the media jumped the gun on that because sources close to the case sat that the reality star in fact rejected the deal that was on the table. She also skipped her recent court date due to a foot injury and sent her attorney on her behalf.

According to a report by Us Weekly, “Kim didn’t appear, she was supposed to but she didn’t — they said she had injured her foot and because of that she was unable to attend. The judge accepted the explanation so the attorney appeared on her behalf.” says Ricardo Santiago, a spokesperson for the LA County DA's office. 

Since that April arrest, Richards has struggled with her sobriety after multiple trips to rehab and was also arrested recently after allegedly stealing merchandise from a local Target. Are you buying Richards foot injury excuse?  Supposedly she would have needed to present some sort of proof to the court because her appearance was expected. It seems like every other week we are hearing something new and disturbing about Richards as her erratic behavior continues, do you think that she has hit her bottom yet?