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Monday, September 7, 2015

Wrapping Up the Summer of 2015- 80's Style

Today is officially the end of the summer of 2015. Sure, if you're lucky then the warm weather will continue wherever you're living, but school is back in session and daily schedules are pretty much in effect for all of us again.  The 80's gave us so many great summer tracks, that even now find themselves woven into the soundtrack of every single summer, that i seemed like a fun idea to take a look at some of them.

When you think of summer songs I'm pretty sure that if you were around in 1983, then Bananarama's "Cruel Summer" still finds its way onto your playlist once in awhile each and every summer, right?

Another song with that sort of pull has to be Don Henley's "Boys of Summer". Five seconds of that famous intro and you know exactly what is playing, even more than 30 years after its original release!

Speaking of songs that are instantly recognizable, I'd have to include Bryan Adams "Summer of 69" on that list. Remember how everyone absolutely loved this song and in the mid-80's Adams could do absolutely nothing wrong musically?

I have to include something for all of the freestyle fans out there, right? Nocera's "Summertime" Summertime played religiously in all of the clubs and if you tuned into shows like Dance Party USA then you'll remember that this song was a staple.

I'll admit it, I had forgotten about The Motels "Suddenly Last Summer" until I went looking for songs to include on this list. That seems crazy to me now because Martha Davis' voice is pretty unforgettable. 

Richard Marx was an absolute fixture on the pop charts back in the 80's. He's one of those artists that everyone loved and each single quickly climbed Billboard's charts. "Endless Summer Nights" captured the feeling of summer when it was first released and it does the same to this very day.

I think it's only appropriate to add The B-52's to any 80's compilation possible because they were all about embracing the fun of that era, so here is "Summer of Love".

Speaking of fun, The Go-Go's were all about it when they first debuted. While there was a lot of dysfunction and drug use going on behind the scenes, it was pretty well hidden from the general public. Fans will forever remember The Go-Go's as all-American girls on jet skis in the "Vacation" video.