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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Boom Daily Throwback- Salon Selectives

I wish that photo was a scratch and sniff shot. I know, you're looking at Shampoo bottles and wondering where on earth I'm going with this, right? Well, if you were a teen girl in the late 80's then I'm going to bet that you probably swore by Salon Selectives shampoo & conditioner. I was in beauty school when this stuff first came out in 1987 and even though I had access to every beauty supply store product imaginable, I still insisted on using this stuff instead.

It made my huge hair nice and soft so that I could then layer on the hair spray and make it a solid, blunt object. And then there was the smell, that great apple smell that no one else has ever come close to duplicating. Originally made by Helene Curtis, I knew that the brand changed hands a few times over the years and I thought it was long gone. The other night I ventured into a dollar store to get Halloween stuff and there it was, a big wall of Salon Selectives in its original bottles. 

I think I dropped whatever I was holding to open the top on a bottle and inhale. Yep, it still smells exactly as I remembered. I snatched up several bottles and did a bit of digging to uncover that not only does the brand still exist, but you may find it in Walgreens. I haven't seen it there but their official website has a bunch of places listed that sell the fabulous products. If you used to use this stuff way back when, you'll be thrilled to know that it's still around! My kids are now as addicted as I am, thank god I bought a stash of it!