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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Currently Booming: Bobbi Kristina's Estate Accuses Nick Gordon of Giving Her 'Toxic' Injection

(Photo: Instagram)

Did Nick Gordon play a purposeful role in the ultimate death of Bobbi Kristina Brown? Well, that is what her estate has alleged for months now and this past week they filed more detailed court documents, explaining what they believed transpired in Brown's final hours of life.

According to a report by TMZ, "The estate just filed legal docs alleging Nick and Bobbi Kristina got into a violent fight, after which he somehow injected her with a "toxic mixture," which rendered her unconscious. The docs claim Nick then placed his girlfriend face down in the tub, which ultimately caused her death."

The autopsy results are in on the official cause of Brown's death but supposedly neither side in the civil suit has seen them yet, only the family reportedly has. If there was nothing that would lend itself to the ongoing criminal investigation then it seems fairly likely that the results would have been made public by now just to put all questions to rest once and for all. The fact that information is being withheld does seem to point to their being something that can connect Gordon to his girlfriend's untimely death.

While we still don't actually know what occurred on that night back in January that led to Brown spending the next several months comatose we do know that Gordon is prepared for the worst, as he has hired the same legal team that helped Casey Anthony to escape a conviction in the death of her daughter. Do you think that charges are coming for Gordon or will this case just linger with no real closure for the Brown family?