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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Currently Booming: Brandi Glanville Has Filmed Scenes for 'RHOBH' Season 6

(Photo: Twitter)

Several months ago it was confirmed that Brandi Glanville was out at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The 42-year-old mom of two has always been a lightening rod for trouble and over the last few years that has been part of what has kept her on the show. Glanville was a fan favorite but in the last year something changed and everyone seemed to decide that keeping her around was a bad idea. Bravo beginning filming season 6 without her and they realized that Glanville's drama was needed.

While she is no longer billed as a full time housewife, Glanville has taped scenes for season six.  I have to wonder how the decision to bring her back is sitting with the rest of the cast. By the end of last season nearly everyone had an ax to grind with her and even the fans were hating on Glanville. Do you think that every scene that includes her now will be seriously messy?

Were you glad to hear that Glanville had been cut from the cast? Or are you glad that RHOBH will still include her chaos in some way?