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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: The Jacksons - 'Torture'

In 1984 the Jackson family made a comeback of sorts, thanks primarily to the insane success of Michael Jackson. His Thriller release was the biggest thing out there and so it only made sense for the rest of the family to try and ride Michael's coat tails. Their Victory album sold copies based on the two singles that Michael sang on. "Torture" was one of those and while it was met with mixed reviews, I remember it getting lots of airplay in my area.

The video for "Torture" was all glitzed out in spite of its attempts at portraying uncomfortable situations and Paula Abdul actually choreographed all of the dance moves. What's ironic is that while it was Michael's voice that prompted this song to climb the charts, his busy schedule prevented him from being in the actual video. Instead he was replaced by a masked dancer that people knew wasn't really him. While it's not the best video around, I actually loved this song way back then and the video features all the components to make a great throwback.

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