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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Boom Daily 80's Throwback: Solid Gold Dancers

You know how you start in one place and end up on a totally different track? Well that is this throwback post completely. I went to look at Billboard's charts for this week back in the 80's to see if a song jumped out at me and one did. Barbra Streisand's "Woman In Love" was the number one song 35 years ago this week. I remember my mother loving the song and while she wouldn't ever turn the volume up, she'd shush us while it played.

More importantly, the instant visual that I get is of the Solid Gold dancers slinking across the stage. If you were an 80's kid then you know exactly what I'm talking about. The line of skinny, big-haired women in gold bikini bottoms and halter tops sliding across the stage before jumping on one of the male dancers. "Woman In Love" was in one of Solid Gold's first countdowns with the dancers and I, like every other girl I knew, was obsessed with them. Of course we were all going to grow up to be a Solid Gold dancer, talent wasn't an issue and the idea that they may one day end their run and no longer exist was just unfathomable. We were told in school to aim high and so I did, I wanted the gold stripper shoes and matching headband.

Finding a clip of the Solid Gold dancers romping around to Babs was actually easy and her song is followed by Olivia Newton John's Xanadu on this particular countdown. That's like the ultimate bonus because in the late 70's my best friend Stacey and I were obsessed with Olivia. Not the good girl "Have You Ever Been Mellow" Liv, but the "Totally Hot" Olivia that was draped in pleather, trying to look tough.

Olivia. Babs. Solid Gold dancers. Yeah, you're welcome.

By the way, Olivia still slays vocally!