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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Daily Boom 80's Throwback: Kix- 'Don't Close Your Eyes'

I recently saw a show by a band that does a bunch of 80's throwback songs and about 30 seconds into their set I said to my husband, "No one bangs their head anymore" because these guys in fact were. It reminded me of how the term "headbanger" was born from the fact that everyone that hit the stage used to do just that. Today's throwback is to a song by Kix, a group that surely knows a thing or two about banging their heads.

Kix first got together in the late 70's and after being a local staple on the Baltimore music scene they finally broke through nationally several years later. While they have had a slew of albums that have spawned several hard-rocking singles, "Don't Close Your Eyes" is what cemented them in the minds of many. It became a song about suicide prevention, one that resonated with many, unfortunately.