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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Currently Booming: Tori Amos on Ocean 98 to Promote Netflix Doc 'Audrie & Daisy'

Ocean 98's Bulldog & The Rude Awakening show had the privilege of chatting with Tori Amos this morning about her latest endeavor. Fans of Amos already are well aware of her decades-long work with sexual assault survivors and the documentary that she is currently promoting is one that everyone should take the time to watch. "Audrie & Daisy" will premiere on Netflix beginning on 9-23-16 and it focuses not only on the assault of two young women but also the bullying that follows an already traumatic experience. 

Amos is hoping that everyone will tune in and that this documentary will help to start a very necessary dialog. We hear about college kids being assaulted because those stories often make national news, but a lot of parents don't realize that these same scenarios are happening to girls in middle school. Take a listen to our interview with Amos this morning and then be sure to catch "Audrie & Daisy" on Netflix!