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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Zoe Says... Listen Up!


Hey you guys I've got GREAT news. Daily Boom has a brand spanking new writer, Zoe Sinkaus! She is going to help us to bridge old school pop culture with what is currently packing a punch. You know that old saying about how if you wait around long enough everything comes back in style? Well, Zoe is going to help prove that. First up, she wants to introduce you to a few of her favorite up-and-coming bands, so take a minute and listen up!

Coast Modern

Coast Modern's sound is so unique, yet familiar. And if you really listen to the lyrics, they sing about some pretty deep and even depressing stuff. But, their rhythms and melodies are so light and joyous. It truly makes a great combination.

If you like Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction you'll like Coast Modern.

Songs to check out:
Hollow Life”

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus is similar to Coast Modern in the sense they sing about some sad stuff, but their songs are somehow uplifting. But overall, Hippo Campus has a very different sound. They're more rock, which I'm usually in the mood to listen to instead of indie funk (which is more like Coast Modern).

If you like The Church, Breaking Bells or Radiohead you'll like Hippo Campus.

Songs to check out:
“Simple Season”
“Way It Goes”

The Kooks

I'll admit, I started listening to The Kooks when I was 13 years old because a boy I liked listened to them and I thought the lead singer (Luke Pritchard) was cute because he's British and had the whole angsty rocker thing going for him. Almost 7 years later, and I still listen to The Kooks because their sound keeps evolving and pushing the boundaries of what's labeled as indie rock. Plus, most of their music makes you feel like you're traveling on a road trip, heading to the beach with your closest friends and that always makes me happy, even when I'm stuck at the bank (my day job).

If you like The Strokes or Franz Ferdinand you'll like The Kooks.

Songs to check out:

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Let me start off by saying, I think seeing this band live would be absolutely AMAZING. You can practically feel the band's energy oozing out of every song, even if you're not watching a video of a live performance or a music video. Van Mcann's voice is honest and raw. You can tell he's passionate about what he's singing about, and that makes me feel passionate. I feel like Catfish and the Bottlemen are almost in the same league as The Strokes.

If you like The Strokes, Radiohead or Halfmoon Run then you'll like Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Songs to check out: