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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Currently Booming: NYFW 2017- Art Hearts Fashion Show Review (9-7-17 )

(Photos & Review by Zoe Sinkaus)

This dress flowed seamlessly down the runway. The sequins glistened perfectly in the light, slightly reminding me of a mermaid tail, which puts this dress at risk of looking more like a costume than high fashion. But the turtleneck sleeveless top redeems this dress in a seldom way. And the floral elements bring an element of sophistication that pulls this dress together.

This was one of my favorite designers of the night. You could tell even from a few feet away that each article of clothing was made with a refined technique. But it's not just the sheer quality of the clothes that attracted my eye. Instead, it was the naturalistic serene elements that were depicted in each outfit. 

And although the entire collection is comprised of similar patterns, textures, and silhouettes, each outfit brings a new story and vibe. This outfit could easily be displayed on a mannequin at a bohemian fast-fashion store like Urban Outfitters, and sell out within minutes. On the other hand, this outfit belongs to a boho prom princess or a beach housewife. There is no in between.
It's funny that my favorite collection of the show happens to belong to a designer I could never see myself wearing. Dexter is edgy, rebellious, and too cool for school. My mix of bohemian and preppy clothes aren't nearly as rad as this Dexter collection, and that's perfectly okay. 

Aside from the fact I could never envision myself wearing the line, I was extremely captivated and enthralled by the outfits that strolled down the runway. Dexter's vision of fall fashion includes vests, studs, patches, fringe, and leather, which creates a perfect sense of edgy fusion that belongs in a rock music video. 

My favorite look from this collection happens to give off a blend of coven and club vibes. A midnight black floppy hat waterfalls down the model's back, covering an army green sheer top tucked into a jersey gray mini skirt. And to top the look off, the designer decided to accessorize with a gold trident that's parallel to the gold design on the skirt. 

The second part of the show opened with a collection that integrated disco culture withe futuristic fashion. While outfits like the reflective silver jumpsuit are monotoned and simple, the clothing's delicate materials and silhouettes make the simpler outfits stand out. 

In order to bring hints of color to the line, the designer used turquoise, American pool, and dark mauve variants in shirts and pants to create a color block synergy between the 70s and the future of fashion. 

This designer proved bedtime and lingerie inspired day wear is still trending. Silky tight silhouettes in romantic red and periwinkle hues showcased a sultrier side of NYFW 2017. If this collection doesn't make you want to watch a romantic comedy about a wronged woman getting revenge, I don't know what will.

Lastly, this designer was not only on a mission to display an array of denim hippie-inspired outfits, but she also wanted to spread the power of feminism and gender equality. After an opening video that invoked a sense of woman empowerment across the entire audience, versatile Day-to-night denim dresses and suits paraded down the runway. Although most of the outfits were a walking representation that denim can be professional and chic, the outfit that caught my eye was a silk baby blue blouse with peasant 70s-inspired patterned sleeves. 

This blouse easily complimented a pair of swimming pool blue silk shorts with a 70s-inspired pattern similar to the pattern on the sleeves of the blouse. Yet again, NYFW makes me want to be a middle-aged housewife sailing on a yacht with my family. Either NYFW has been serving looks with a classic and modern blend, perfect for younger and older demographics alike, or I've been watching too much real housewives.